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Our Las Vegas, Nevada, based family law firm drafts wills, trusts, and handles uncontested probate cases anywhere in Nevada. We handle uncontested probate cases with an estate value over $400,000 anywhere in California, also at a discount to the statutory allowed California attorney fees for probates. Our office is located on West Sahara between Rainbow and Jones, a short drive from many neighborhoods in Las Vegas.

It is our goal to be the affordable, high quality, low cost probate attorneys in Nevada for uncontested probates and in California for larger uncontested probates. A death in the family is hard enough without worrying about whether a lawyer is charging you too much for probate. There is no reason why almost all uncontested probates cannot be handled in an economical fashion with the attorney fees agreed in advance. We welcome questions about probate fees and outline them on this website.

Speak Directly With Attorneys

All of our work is done by attorneys, not paralegals or secretaries or "case managers." We have a small case load per attorney so that we can give excellent service on each case. We understand that clients want their lawyers to work diligently and call them back or e-mail them back quickly when they have a concern. We do Nevada probates of all sizes from timeshare probates in which the estate is worth only a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar estates. In California we only do probates for estates $400,000 or bigger.

Passing Savings Onto You

We keep our overhead very low. We don't have a fancy office. We spend very little on advertising. We don't accept credit cards because we would have to give at least 3% of anything put on a card to the credit card company. We pass the savings on to you.

Any Nevada licensed attorney can legally do a Nevada probate. However, statutes are often open to different interpretations. Because Nevada has a small population there may be no published court opinions on the meaning of a statute. Lawyers who regularly practice probate in Nevada know how the Nevada probate judges and commissioners interpret the statutes. Other lawyers don't. For example, N.R.S. 146.070(1) provides that if the estate is not larger than $100,000, it must be set aside to the surviving spouse and/or minor children after deducting "such payments as may be deemed just." Are valid creditor's claims "just?" You can't tell from the statute. From our practice we know the answer is NO. In other words in this situation creditors' claims (unless secured) are cut-off.

We also have experience in getting creditor's claims reduced.

Since we know probates well we can move your case faster than a competitor who is learning as they go or farming some of the work out to a probate paralegal. We pride ourselves on moving our probate cases as quickly as we can. Fortunately, in Clark County, Nevada (home of Las Vegas) the probate court fast tracks uncontested probates. So, if the lawyer hustles, the probate can be done as quickly or almost as quickly as the law allows. In other jurisdictions, such as Washoe County (home of Reno) and many of the California counties, even uncontested probate cases can jam up for many months waiting for court dates, no matter how diligent the lawyer is. Of course, the more jammed up a court is, the longer will be the delay caused by an inexperienced lawyer's mistake. And, of course, one of the bad things about hiring an attorney on an hourly rate--we work on a flat rate for uncontested probates--is that the less a lawyer knows, the more hours he or she bills to get the job done.

We do uncontested probates in all 17 Nevada Counties: Carson City (It's both a city and a county), Churchill, Clark, Douglas, Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Lincoln, Lyon, Mineral, Nye, Pershing, Storey, Washoe, and White Pine Counties. Nevada's principal cities are: Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Reno, Sparks, Mesquite, Pahrump, Fallon, Minden, Elko, Goldfield, Eureka, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Pioche, Yerington, Hawthorne, Tonopah, Lovelock, Virginia City and Ely.

We also do uncontested probates in all California Counties for estates over $400,000.

Uncontested Probate Cases

At the present time we are taking mainly uncontested probate cases which we do at a discount to the statutory attorneys' fees allowed, although we will be glad to refer you to another excellent lawyer if you have a contested case, or in exceptional cases we may take a contested case. If the only contest is from a creditor claiming against the estate, we routinely cut off creditors' claim if the estate qualifies for a set-aside to a surviving spouse and/or minor children.

We handle probates of all sizes from timeshare probates in which the estate is worth only a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar estates.

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